A preschool child spends on an average 1000 hours every year with their teachers.
A good teacher will plant the seeds of knowledge and nurture to produce tomorrows dreams.
It is crucial that you enrol them in an institute that develops them and instils the right values in them.
This is exactly what is done at smart children nursery .

My son Hamdan Shariff has been going there since over a year now and the results have been phenomenal.
He enjoys himself while learning and on most days it is difficult to get him back home.

Smart children nursery has the right vision when it comes to your child development.
The staff are very friendly backed up by Mrs Sushila Rai (Principal and Managing Director )who is a veteran in the education industry.
She has over two decades of experience in the field.

Your child will be engaged in various activities and sports.
All the rooms are monitored by security cameras making sure your is child is safe and well attended.

My experience has been extremely satisfying and I would definitely recommend it to all parents.

Mansoor Shariff - Father
- May, 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Smart Children Nursary and all staffs involved. My son Smeet joined SCN September 2015 age 2.5 years. We can only see there are continious development till now. Mrs. Rai having vaste experience in this field and taking appropriate decisions as per kid overall development. Smeet was bit shy and not talking too much earlier stages however with effort from SCN staff especially Teacher Sarika / Khushubu as well as nannies involved resulted very good outcome. Apart from daily syllabus there are numbers of different learning activities with fun and entertainment which keeps all kids happy all the time. Thanks again SCN. Regards

Mahesh Ranadive - Father
- May, 2016

Hi All

To Start with i wish to say Mrs.Sushila Rai is awesome in handling kids and she really enjoys with them, she has made SCN a lively environment where kids are groomed in academics & extra curricular.

My daughter Prakirthya Sayee still misses the SCN team. She has got very good exposure through her nursery classes here.
The teachers, nannies are so friendly and best in teaching, traning & caring the kids. Parent-Teacher meetings are done in friendly way, we are given opportunity to share frankly, the best part is the teachers really listen and have taken steps to solve the issues we raise in PTM.

Really a wonderful nursery where kids get swimming, ballet, yoga and soccer classes with good professional trainers.

Thanks to Mrs.Rai & Team.

Archana Rengasayee - Mother
- April, 2016

Dear Principal, Teachers & Staff of Smart Childrens Nursery,
We thank you all for providing a conducive & comfortable learning environment for our daughter. Your lovely and wonderful teachers are truly dedicated ones. The learning experience for the Nursery for our Daughter Aarika Doshi has been an enjoyable one. Our daughter has no difficulty adapting or feels inferior towards other children. We sincerely applaud SCN and the staff for that.
Special thanks to Mrs. Rai & Ms. Sarika Rishi for the relentless dedication and patience in nurturing our daughter. She has been joyful from day 1 of the school. We believe your passion, professionalism in nurturing the children are the key factor of him being enthusiastic in school.
Also like to thank Ms. Saliyah, Ms. Jaya and all other staff members.
Thanks Again SCN.

Pratik Doshi - Father
- April, 2016

Kavin joined Smart children’s a year back and I am happy with how he has progressed since then. With already knowing alphabets /colours and rhymes I was not hoping he will have huge addition to learning when I had approached the nursery and today I stand corrected. He speaks on various topics from Dinosaurs to volcanos and I am surprised everytime he asks something out of the blue when I come to know how much he has learned in the past year. As working parents SCN has helped us groom Kavin for the big school and as working parents we are indebted for it

Jeevitha Pravin - Mother
- April, 2016

I just you wanted to express my gratitude for your love , care , efforts, helping & learning Judy a lot of stuff and helping her to grow up very easily with different communities and language which we couldn’t believe it’ll be that easy without your support. Staff is amazing starting from the Nannies till the respected Mrs. Rai and the full teacher staff. Thanks A lot Smart Children’s Nursery

Soha Foaad - Mother
- April, 2016

Meher Yukta joined when she is 2.5 years old in the Smart Children Nursery. She improved a lot in communication, Good Manners, Sharing apart from academics. Teachers and Nanys taken care like their own. Mrs. Rai knows each and every kid by name and also their overall progress which is very impressive. I recommend this to everyone.

Thanks a lot Smart Children Nursery team for your support to my kid in the last couple of years

K Vijay B Gupta - Father
- March, 2016

Its been a great experience for my daughter Ameerah Miriam Cheriyan with Smart Children’s Nursury. Even though she was with the nursery for only few months, she had developed a lot – in terms of learning, extra ciricular activities,sports ..etc.She was very much existed in getting ready for the school everyday and every night on the bed before she goes for sleep, she will always have a big story for us on the activities and fun at school. Almost everyday we end up in forcing her to stop this narration and make her sleep, this was a clear indication on how she enjoys her life in SCN.

One very important thing which we want to mention here is the way SCN is managed by Mrs Rai, you will never see such dedication,guidence and strict operating principles on any other similar institutions in this region.Thanks to Mrs Rai for her support and wishing her and the team in SCN all the very best.

Cheriyan Sam & Sumi Susan - Parents
- March, 2016

I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the time, love, care and effort you have put into my son- Zaid’s teaching. The activities you plan, the room you decorate, friendly behaviour of teachers – it’s all incredible. It helped my son believe that school is fun. You helped him get organised, motivated and above all create interest in learning which is not a small thing. You have been a great help either in school or on whatsapp. Zaid would love to contnine his studies in your school if there was facility for higher education. Unfortunately he has to leave school now. But he will miss you all.
Thanks to everyone at Smat Children Nursery

Mrs. Saima Hasan - Mother
- March, 2016

Nursery School is the actual place which plays a major role in molding a child’s behavior and which encourages the child to put their creativity and imagination to use…Smart Children nursery has been the perfect platform for giving a kick start to my daughters life…The nursery has a safe and secure feel along with so many extra curricular activities like ballet (my favorite), Swimming and many more…It has been a wonderful year for Maanya as I never found her crying while going to the nursery infact everyday she looked forward to go the nursery even on weekends…
The staff , especially Teacher Sarika and even the Principal Mrs. Rai are so very approachable for minutest things and concerns for the child’s growth which helps increasing the child’s and parents confidence in the child. Thanks to SCN for everything.

Dimple Makhija - Mother
- March, 2016