Principal’s Message

After 19 years of experience as a teacher in Dubai, I started Smart Childrens Nursery in the year 1997. I always loved the interaction with children, studying their behaviors and watching them grow into self-assured caring individuals.

I welcome you to Smart Childrens Nursery, hoping that you will find this prospectus informative and useful. Even though our website is detailed and comprehensive, we encourage you to pay us a personal visit. Viewing the environment in which your child will spend a lot of time in as well as meeting the people with whom all the interaction will be done will settle so many emotions a parent goes through when making the very important decision of which nursery school to send their child to.

By learning through play, discovering and investigating, communicating and sharing with others and enjoying creative expression and practical activities, we intend to build on your child’s natural curiosity so that he or she will develop into an eager and successful learner.

We work in partnership with parents through regular communication and discussion. We value parent’s trust in allowing us to provide the education and care that will enable their children to grow, learn and be ready for a bright future.

We are here to assist in every way possible, as we have been around for so many years gathering experience and knowledge taking us and your child into the future. We look forward to meeting you and your little one.


Mrs. Sushila Rai

Principal and Managing Director