Following activities are offered 


Arts and Craft – The art and craft activities are chosen as per the theme of the week. Child friendly and safe material is used. Children are given tasks to complete under teacher supervision.


Ballet and movement to music – Professional and trained instructors conduct classes as per the age group of the children. Costumes are provided by the nursery for the girl students.


Swimming – Trained and professional instructors provide the swimming lessons in the specially designed pool for kids. Children from 3 months and above start the swimming lessons which helps in over coming the fear of water and making them more confident in water while having fun. 

Computer lessons – Children are introduced to interactive games and rhymes during the computer lessons. They are provided a hands-on experience to handle the computer mouse and how it clicks and moves on the screen.

Story time – Classic children stories are chosen and narrated to the children. Once in a while the ‘Fairy Tale Drama Show’ is held where with the help of teachers, the children are given a chance to enact the characters in the story.

Outdoor and Indoor activities – Children play a variety of toys and games. Action and song based games are loved and enjoyed by them.


Yoga and gymnasium – Trained and professional gym teacher conducts the class in a specially designated gym room. The teacher introduces new equipments to carry out fun activities with the children. Each and every child is given an opportunity to use the equipment. 

The yoga instructor is trained and professional teacher and performs yoga which is age appropriate for the group of children.

Junior chef – During these sessions the children cook without fire in the classroom under the supervision of teachers. The cooking items are selected keeping in mind the allergies and taste for the children. The children enjoy spreading and mixing and enjoy eating what they have cooked in the end.